In 2022 the department added an Educational Support Program to bring about added support for juveniles in the education setting. 

The Educational Support Specialist is responsible for educational readiness and educational advocacy for involved youth.  Working with families, staff, school officials, and other agencies to evaluate and ensure educational services for youth are provided appropriately and effectively.  Each individual referred to the department goes through a Probation Officer led screening process to evaluate their need for additional support.  If there are concerns with a student’s progress, or lack thereof, a referral is made to the program.  The Educational Support specialist is able to provide support to families to ensure students’ needs are being met as well as assist with planning for students with Individual Educational Plans (IEPs). She also participates in the planning of programs, policies or objectives for the department. The ultimate goal of the Educational Support Program is to reduce recidivism by increasing academic success.


Melanie Parker, Educational Support Specialist