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In accordance to Chapter 54 Section 1 of the Texas Family Code, a juvenile who is detained shall have a detention hearing no later than two working days after the juvenile is taken into custody for delinquent charges and within twenty four hours for Juvenile in Need of Supervision (CINS) allegations. Normal docket settings are  as follows:

Mondays – 1:00 PM
Wednesdays – 9:00 AM
Thursdays – 9:00 AM

For a juvenile to be detained, at least one of the following criteria for detention shall be met:

A.    He/she is likely to abscond or be removed from the jurisdiction of the court.

B.    Suitable supervision, care, or protection for him/her is not being provided by a  parent/guardian/custodian or other person.

C.    He/she has no parent/guardian/custodian, or other person able to return him/her to court when required.

D.    He/she may be a danger to himself/herself or may threaten the safety of the public if released.

E.    He/she has previously been found to be a delinquent juvenile or has been convicted of a penal offense punishable by a term in jail or prison and is likely to commit an offense if released.

F.    He/she is alleged to have engaged in delinquent conduct and to have used, possessed or exhibited a firearm as defined by section 46.01 of the Texas Penal Code in the commission of the offense. He/she shall be detained until the juvenile is released at the direction of the Judge of the Juvenile Court or Associate Judge.