The Expose Excellence Youth Program was created to help youth acquire positive self-awareness, cultural competency, aspiration, and self-expression. The program was designed to help youth do well academically and be well emotionally. Teaching youth how to take personal responsibility, and opening doors to opportunity, will assist them to become successful citizens in society. The Program is for students 10 – 17 years old.

Mentoring/Case Management

The Expose Excellence Youth Program provides mentor and case management services. These services are designed to provide mentees with a plethora of wraparound services that will give them the opportunity to become successful. Our mission is to advocate, educate, mentor, and empower youth holistically.

The youth program will offer:
*            Job Skills and Career Training
*            Business and Entrepreneur Workshops
*            Recreational Activities
*            Life Skills Training
*            Field Trips
*            Self-Expression Activities (Spoken Word, Poetry, and Visual Arts)
*            Tutoring Services
*            Driver's Education
*            Financial Aid Advocacy and Support
*            Academic Support and Advocacy
*            Exposure to Fine Arts
*            Mental Health and Substance Abuse Support


Quacho Allison, Expose Excellence Youth Program Supervisor