Civil Matters

Oral Hearings
It is the responsibility of the party filing a motion to contact the Court Coordinator and obtain a hearing date. Requests may be made via email . All notices of a hearing must be filed with the clerk’s office prior to the hearing date and in accordance with the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure.

All requests for continuances must be by formal written motion and filed with the County Clerk’s Office at least one week prior to hearing, unless the request is due to an emergency. All motions for continuances require an oral hearing.

Pro Se Litigants
The court is prohibited from providing legal advice or assisting in the preparation of lawsuits. The Court will only offer general information. There is a pro se self-help manual located in the Fort Bend County Law Library that offers information to litigants that choose to represent themselves. The Law Library is located in the Fort Bend County Justice Center, 1422 Eugene Heimann Circle, Richmond, Texas. For more information, please contact Mr. Andrew Bennett, Law Librarian at (281) 341-3718. Additional help may be found at or