CCL2 Staff

Mandy Richards, Court Coordinator

Telephone: 281-341-4446

Mandy Richards is responsible for ensuring that the Court functions  effectively and efficiently in all administrative matters. She maintains the Court’s dockets and answers general inquiries concerning cases filed in County Court at Law No. 2. She is pleased to provide you with assistance in getting your matters timely addressed by the Court.

Norma Limon, Probate Auditor

Telephone: (281)-341-4443

Norma Limon is the point of contact for all Probate/Guardianship cases filed in County Court at Law No. 2. She is responsible for reviewing and auditing probate proceedings. She also sets hearings pertaining to decedents’ estates and guardianship matters. She is pleased to support you with the procedures associated with these proceedings.

Sherri Johnson, Court Reporter

Telephone: 281-341-4411

Sherri Johnson is the Official Court Reporter for County Court at Law No. 2. She is responsible for providing a complete and accurate record of all court proceedings. Requests for transcripts should be emailed to Ms. Johnson by identifying the Syle (name) of the case and the Cause Number. She is pleased to provide you with assistance.

Candice Smith, Administrative Assistant

Telephone: 832-471-2820

Candice Smith is responsible for assisting and supporting the Court Coordinator and Probate Auditor in all administrative matters.

Cedric Dancy, Bailiff

Telephone: 281-341-4448

Deputy Dancy is responsible for providing courtroom security and security to the Judge and her staff with the highest manner of professionalism. He is pleased to support the safety of all participants in the courtroom.