Thomas Rogers, Bailiff
Telephone:  281-238-3248

Thomas Rogers provides courtroom security and security to the Judge and his staff.

Jackie Kermode, Court Coordinator
Telephone:  281-238-3247

Jackie Kermode, Court Coordinator, is responsible for ensuring that the Court functions in an efficient and expeditious manner. She maintains the Court’s dockets and answers general inquiries concerning cases filed in County Court at Law No. 5.

If an attorney cannot be present at the time of Court, written notice should be sent to the Court Coordinator, Jackie Kermode, by email requesting the Attorney of the Day to reset Defendant's case. Defendant must be present to sign their reset. If Defendant fails to appear, a warrant will be issued. 

Do not contact court personnel to reset a case off of the Trial Docket. Counsel must efile a motion for continuance and a proposal order, at least 14 days before the setting, and obtain a ruling.

Please refer to the Court Information tab for more information regarding Interpreters and other matters of the Court. 

Meera Mahadevan, Probate Auditor
Telephone: 281-238-3227

The Probate Auditor, reviews and audits probate proceedings. They also sets hearings pertaining to decedents’ estates, guardianship matters, and mental health cases. Any and all questions in regards to any of these matters should be directed to the Probate Auditor. 

Please refer to County Court 5's Probate tab under Court Information or the County Court Probate Information page for more details.

Vanessa Owens, Court Reporter
Telephone:  281-238-3223

Vanessa Owens, the Official Court Reporter for County Court at Law No. 5, provides a complete and accurate record of all requested court proceedings held by the court. If you would like to request a copy of a transcript, send it in writing to

She is pleased to answer and direct any inquiries regarding court cases.

Celeste Lopez, Administrative Clerk
Telephone: 281-238-3270

The administrative clerk assists the public by directing them to the proper person or answering inquiry. Prepares correspondence and ensures all notifications, filings and related paperwork is properly completed