Criminal Matters

RESETS ARE REQUIRED FOR ALL CRIMINAL CASES. Defendants are required to appear in person on their scheduled court date.


  • The Defendant is responsible for paying their balance in full by the date provided on their Court Costs Reset.
  • If the Defendant is unable to pay their balance in full, he/she is required to appear in person on their scheduled court date. If the Defendant does not contact the Court and does not appear in Court on their scheduled court date, a Failure to Appear Warrant will be issued.


  • The Court must be informed at least one week prior to the desired plea date to be added to the Plea Docket.
  • The ADA will provide the plea paperwork to the Defense Attorney, so please email the appropriate ADA to obtain the plea paperwork.
  • Plea paperwork must be completed electronically and submitted to the Court no later than 2 business days before the scheduled court date.
  • If the plea paperwork is not turned in on time, the case will be Reset to the next available plea setting.


  • Criminal Motions are heard in person. The Motion/Order MUST be filed prior to requesting a hearing date. To request a hearing date, email the Court Coordinator at
  • The scheduling party is responsible for noticing the other party/parties of the hearing.


Trials are heard on Tuesdays at 11:00 AM (in person). Trial cases will be scheduled for a mandatory pre-trial hearing, which will be heard the Tuesday before the scheduled trial date at 10:00 am (in person). To request a trial date, email the Court Coordinator at The Court requires 30 days notice if any Pre-Trial Motions need to be heard.


The Jail Arraignment Docket is heard by Associate Judge Lewis White at the Fort Bend County Jail courtroom on Wednesdays at 8:30 A.M. The deadline for attorneys to schedule an inmate on the docket is, without exception, at 4:00 PM on the Monday preceding Wednesday's docket. To schedule a hearing, please email his Court Coordinator, Eralyn Fisher, at

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