Expand/Contract Questions and Answers
Generally all communications with the Judge must be done in open court with all parties present. Please do not attempt to call Judge Morales directly or contact him by e-mail or any other method of communication outside of court.

No, the Court does not accept filings.

All civil court matters must be submitted electronically pursuant to the State of Texas Supreme Court Mandate ordered December 11, 2012 (Misc. Docket No. 12-9208). Please visit Electronic Filing to access information including the mandate order, the return for correction reasons and other related information.

Everyone appearing in court should be attired in an appropriate manner maintaining the dignity of the Court. The Court does not allow the following attire:

  • No hats, caps or other headwear
  • No shorts or tank tops
  • No bare mid-drifts
  • No sagging pants
  • No flip flops or open toe shoes
  • No sunglasses
  • No cameras, video or audio recording devices are allowed in the courtroom.
  • No beverages, food, or gum in the courtroom.
  • Cell phones must be placed on silent or off while in the courtroom. No cell phone use will be allowed in the courtroom without the prior permission of the Judge. If you must use, take, or make a telephone call, please step outside of the courtroom.
  • Failure to abide by the foregoing courtroom rules may result in your removal from the courtroom or punishment pursuant to the Texas Government Code.
Juvenile cases are confidential and on-line access and access to the entire docket would violate that confidentiality.
A written request must be filed with the County Clerk’s office. The request must be specific in stating what documents are needed and why they are being requested. When picking up the requested copies from the County Clerk’s office, valid identification will be required.