Please note that Court staff can tell you about the services of the Court and can answer questions about how the Court works; however, Court staff cannot give legal advice or answer legal questions. If you need someone to research the law and give you legal advice, you should consult an attorney. 

To check the status of filings online, click the "County Records Research" link found at the top of the page. 

Questions regarding fees, filings, and status of filings can be directed to the Fort Bend County Clerk's office at (281) 341-8665. 

Probate Dockets

County Court at Law Number 3 Probate matters are heard on Thursdays at 1:00 PM via ZOOM, unless there is an Objection filed.

Contested matters may be scheduled by availability and level of urgency to other days. Should you file a Temporary Restraining Order, you must contact Benny Charles immediately to set the matter for a hearing.

If the attorney of record will NOT be appearing on the day of the scheduled hearing, contact Benny Charles to inform the Court the name of the attorney who will be appearing on their behalf.

To set hearings, Benny Charles, Probate Auditor, may be reached by phone at (281) 344-3912 or email (

The Court does not accept testimony via deposition on written questions; however, should the Court make an exception, applicants on the uncontested docket MUST file the deposition response(s) at least one week prior to the docket. All applicants are required to appear. Please contact Probate Auditor for Court approval regarding any special circumstances preventing the applicant from attending. 

Guardianship Proceedings

Registration of Guardianships, Effective June 1, 2018
Senate Bill 1096, passed during the 85th Legislature, Regular Session, and will affect the appointment of guardians.  The tasks associated with implementing the bill are largely the responsibility of the Judicial Branch Certification Commission (JBCC) but they will also affect the courts and the clerks.  The JBCC wants to take this opportunity to make the courts, clerks and public aware of the upcoming changes.  Go to:

Guardianship Resources:

Heirship Proceedings

Proposed Applications for Determination of Heirship and Letters of Administration MUST be filed separately. 

Ad Litem Information

All appointed attorney ad litems and guardian ad litems must email their Report directly to the Probate Auditor at least one week prior to the scheduled hearing. 

Please provide a separate order (including itemized invoice) for ad litem fees on the day of the hearing. 

Small Estate Affidavits

County Court at Law Number 3 REQUIRES a Death Certificate filed along with a Small Estate Affidavit. The Court cannot help you fill out the Small Estate Affidavit. Please be sure to follow all directions included on the Small Estate Affidavit Checklist and the Texas Descent and Distribution Chart. 

For additional information regarding Probate, please visit the County Court at Law's Probate Information Page