Jenica G. Salazar, Court Coordinator
Telephone:  281-238-1995

Jenica G. Salazar, Court Coordinator, is responsible for ensuring that the court functions in an efficient and expeditious manner. Mrs. Salazar maintains the court’s criminal, civil and juvenile dockets, performs budgetary duties and answers general inquiries concerning cases filed in County Court at Law No. 4. When submitting your inquiries, please allow a reasonable amount of time for Mrs. Salazar to respond.


Tamara Black, Administrative Assistant
Telephone:  281-238-3333

Tamara Black, Administrative Assistant, assists the Court’s Probate Auditor with annual reports and inventories pertaining to decedent’s estates and guardianships.


Kathy Edwards, Probate Auditor
Telephone:  281-238-3297

Kathy Edwards, Probate Auditor, sets hearings pertaining to decedent’s estates, guardianship matters, mental health, and Richmond State Supported Living Center dockets filed in County Court at Law No. 4. She reviews and audits probate proceedings and can assist the public with general inquiries involving matters filed in our court.


Tiffany Newell, Court Reporter
Telephone: 281-238-3298

Tiffany Newell is the Official Court Reporter for County Court at Law No. 4. As such, she provides a complete and accurate record of all requested proceedings held by the court. All requests for a transcript must be submitted in writing. Mrs. Newell may be contacted by telephone at 281-238-3298 or by email
She is pleased to answer and direct any inquiries regarding court cases.


Corey Swiney, Bailiff
Telephone: 281-238-3278

Deputy Swiney provides courtroom security and security to the Judge and her staff.