Tuberculosis Control

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Tuberculosis causes far more deaths than any other infectious disease worldwide. It infects one-third of the world's population, and kills three million people every year (a quarter of the world's preventable deaths). Fort Bend County Clinical Health Services works in conjunction with the Texas Department of Health to prevent and control tuberculosis within our community. The ultimate goal of this program is to eliminate tuberculosis among the people of Fort Bend county and Texas.

Functional Elements
  • Conducting overall planning and development of policy, prioritizing TB control activities
  • Identifying persons who have clinically active TB
  • Protecting the health of the public by isolating and treating persons who have infectious TB with directly observed therapy (DOT)
  • Coordinating care with other health care providers
  • Identifying and managing high-risk persons infected with M. tuberculosis, utilizing DOT when deemed necessary
  • Collecting and analyzing data on TB cases, suspects, contacts, and preventive therapy recipients
  • Following up - Physical assessment, TB assessment
  • Contacting investigation
  • Advising local institutions and practitioners
  • Ensuring prompt, mandatory reporting of each confirmed and suspected case of TB
  • Treating multiple drug resistant Tuberculosis
For additional information regarding this program, please visit the Texas Department of Health website,