The Fort Bend County EMS website contains information about the department, such as objectives, history, structure, statistics and more.  We hope you find the content informative. 

When submitting payment for EMS service(s), you may do so either in person, by mail, or from the privacy of your home using the convenient online payment feature.  Be advised, when paying online, Official Payments (the firm handling payments for Fort Bend County) will assess a $6.25 service fee to each individual payment transaction.  For example, if you are submitting a payment of 500.00, your transaction will reflect a total payment of 506.25 (your $500.00 payment and a $6.25 service fee).

Perhaps you are considering a rewarding and exciting career in EMS.  If so, check out our employment video and brochure and picture your future with Fort Bend County EMS. 

Whatever the reason for your visit, thank you for dropping by.  If you have any questions, please visit the contact  page or call (281) 342-7233.

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