In 2014, the Texas Department of Health published Texas EMS History [PDF] which briefly explains the development of emergency medical service  - from its early beginning to present day.

The first significant piece of legislation, The Highway Safety Act of 1966, was passed to foster much needed change in each state.  Funded by state government, studies were undertaken, departments were created, and regulations passed to kick-start the beginning of what EMS is today.

Fort Bend County EMS has 3 battalion chiefs, 15 Mobile Intensive Care Units (MICU), and 3 squad units, all stocked with the latest advancements in prehospital equipment and staffed with highly skilled paramedic personnel who stand ready to respond at any time, all year long.

Throughout the rich history of Fort Bend County EMS, excellence in patient care remains the steady focus of every employee. Over the years, the department has received numerous awards and honors from various associations and peer groups.

As more and more families call Fort Bend County their home, Fort Bend County EMS will continue providing the level of advanced, professional care every resident deserves and expects.

Although everyone hopes they will never require medical intervention from emergency personnel, Fort Bend County EMS, in coordination with other professionally staffed agencies (hospitals, law enforcement, and fire departments) in and around Fort Bend County, is prepared to respond to any medical emergency, should the need arise.

When it comes to first-class quality care, Texas EMS is second to none.  

The Texas EMS Monolith, recognizing EMS in Texas, is prominently displayed on the Texas Department of State Health Services grounds in Austin, Texas.



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