Atripaldi, Robert
R. Atripaldi
Deputy Chief, Training

EMS Lieutenants


(left to right)  M. Holcombe,  D. Miracco,  C. Williams,  P. Peckne,  X. De La Rosa,  D. Yates

  • Develops credentialing and core competency standards for all employees.
  • Function in a direct clinical capacity by responding to calls, providing delivery of patient care as needed, or assessing the delivery of patient care rendered by FBCEMS personnel; and to provide recommendations to the executive and medical leadership regarding operational and clinical practices conducted in the field.
  • Maintain a quality assurance/quality improvement program to encompass all clinical (field) operations; report occurrences, trends, and action plans to executive and medical leadership; implement plans as directed.
  • Supervise clinical/education/FTO staff to administer continuing education, CPR programs, training, or other organization-sponsored education offerings; serve as course coordinator for accredited programs.
  • Develops clinical guidelines, procedures and medication references based on current, evidence-based medicine.
  • Develops and delivers continuing education to department employees and allied first responder organization agency providers utilizing both traditional classroom, and innovative technology delivery methods.
  • Coordinates applicant testing, new hire academies, trainee field training assignment, and credential progression. Supports field training office program through collaboration to improve the proficiency of trainees entering the field, updating evaluation tools, and reference material as needed.
  • Collaborates with operational leadership on special projects, group or individual training support, and field training needs. Collaborates with area medical facilities to maintain a continuum of care for optimal patient outcomes.



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