If there is a medical emergency please contact 911.

Each year a list of notifiable conditions is released for the state of Texas.  It is the responsibility of healthcare providers and laboratories to report every occurrence of these notifiable conditions.

2023 Notifiable Conditions*

Fort Bend County has specific departments for the reporting of Tuberculosis via Fax: 832-471-1818. All other notifiable diseases should be reported to the Epidemiology Division via Fax: 832-471-1817. For immediately notifiable diseases please call 832-612-7761

*If this document is unreadable, please contact us at 832-612-7761

What to Report to the Epidemiology Division?

For all conditions not immediately notifiable, fax the following to 832-471-1817.

  • Relevant lab orders and results
  • Demographic data
    • Full Name
    • Date of Birth
    • Address
    • All Phone Numbers Available
    • Emergency Contacts
  • Physician notes when available
  • Any pertinent immunization records
  • Reportable Conditions:
  • Tuberculous (both suspected and reports)
    • TB fax line: 832-471-1818

For immediately notifiable conditions (listed in red), call 832-612-7761.