A plan review must be conducted prior to the start of any construction of a new food establishment. A change of ownership inspection must be performed prior to operating an existing food establishment. A permit must be obtained to operate a food establishment. The following list contains all of the documents contained in a complete Food Establishment Packet.

Click on each document and print:

  1. Opening a Food Service Establishment in Fort Bend County  [PDF]
    This document lists the procedures that should be followed when opening or changing ownership of a restaurant. This document also includes helpful phone numbers and Guidelines for Food Establishment Operators.
  2. Food Establishment Permit Application  [PDF]
    As discussed in "Opening a Food Service Establishment", this application form, along with other required documentation must be completed and submitted to our office for approval.
  3. Food Description of Operation  [PDF]
    Complete and sign
  4. Risk Assessment  [PDF]
    Complete and sign
  5. Water Utility Service Agreement  [PDF]