Welcome to the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Police and Clergy Team (PACT) Program

Police and Clergy Team (PACT) is a peace-officer- facilitated, faith-based outreach and volunteer chaplaincy program. PACT will enhance communication and establish strong and lasting partnerships with local leaders in the faith community, with a goal of better understanding the community we serve as well as those with whom we serve beside.

This style of policing encourages enhanced levels of community participation as FBCSO employees strive to improve the quality of community life by addressing law enforcement and other significant issues which reflect community-wide concerns.

The Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office recognizes that law enforcement and public safety reflect countywide concerns, and thus must actively seek the involvement of citizens and residents in all aspects of policing.

Although a primary focus and mission of the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office to prevent crime, enforce the law, and preserve the peace, FBCSO clearly recognizes the importance and critical role the faith-based organizations and clergy have as leaders in the community, specifically among the families and individual citizens and residents of Fort Bend County.

Accordingly, the FBCSO’s Clergy Liaison Unit will actively communicate with department personnel and the community at-large to effectively disseminate information related to PACT, and will continuously work to improve the response to significant incidents in which this partnership is utilized.

The Police And Clergy Team (PACT) is comprised of members of a diverse group of volunteer clergy members and trained chaplains who represent an array of faiths, religious beliefs, and lay people willing to abide by all laws and FBCSO policies.

PACT Member ID

After being vetted and approved for participation into the PACT program by the Clergy Liaison Unit, each member will be provided a photo ID which identifies them as a clergy member approved to work in partnership with FBCSO. The ability to obtain an ID from FBCSO signifying an individual as a member of PACT is a Privilege and not a right.

  • Only PACT ID badges will be authorized to be worn at PACT sponsored events or initiatives. PACT ID’s will be the only official volunteer clergy ID recognized by the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office.

Reasons for ID denial/forfeiture:

  • Failure to pass the initial background or renewal background check
  • Conviction of a Class B or higher misdemeanor, any Felony and or any conviction of Child/Elderly Abuse
  • Failure to advise Deputy Barry Curtis of a Class B or higher, any Felony, or a charge of Child/Elderly Abuse

To become an FBCSO PACT Volunteer, click on the link below and complete the PACT Volunteer Registration.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Deputy Barry Curtis
281-341-8787 Office
346-658-7229 Cell

Dial 9-1-1 for emergencies only
Non-emergencies 281-341-4665
To report information on a current investigation call 281-341-4686.To report an anonymous tip call 281-341-TIPS (8477).