Primary Care Projects: Colonoscopy Screening Project Description
Fort Bend County received approval to develop a project where uninsured/ under-insured population (Indigent Health Care), Medicaid patients who meet guidelines for screening or diagnostic colonoscopies are referred to a local medical provider for this procedure. Under contract with Fort Bend County Clinical Health Services, the local medical provider (negotiations underway) will provide the following:

  • Appointment scheduling for the procedure
  • Coverage of the anesthesia, colonoscopy procedure and pathology, if required

The project will include education about the importance and benefits of screening for colorectal cancer to the target population through a variety of sources, including AccessHealth.

Goals and Relationship to Regional Goals
The goal of this project is to provide evidence-based prevention for colon and rectal cancers in the uninsured and underinsured population of Fort Bend County.
The expected outcomes include:

  • Prevention of colorectal cancers by the removal of precancerous polyps
  • Enhanced quality of life due to early detection and increased survival for patients with advanced disease
  • Reduction in cost and increase in cures by early detection of colorectal cancer

The project addresses the following regional goal:

  • Increase access to primary and specialty care services, with a focus on underserved populations, to ensure patients receive the most appropriate care for their condition, regardless of where they live or their ability to pay.

5-year Expected Outcome for Provider and Patients
Fort Bend County expects to see increases in the number of uninsured and underinsured who are able to take advantage of the screening recommendations for colorectal cancer.

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